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Production by specified parameters

The identical electricity metering nodes are very rare, therefore, the requirements for transformers can vary significantly. The BEONTOP company always strives to satisfy the needs of the customer, therefore, to each request for the manufacture of the transformer we use individual approach.

When receiving a request for the manufacture of a transformer with the necessary characteristics, our engineers perform the calculations of the transformer and determine the physical possibility of its manufacture. The generated technological worksheet for each transformer is transferred to production for its manufacture.

Thus, we are able to manufacture both simple and most non-standard transformers.

For current transformers, non-standard characteristics can be as follows:

- extended range of normalized error from 0.1% to 120% of rated current;

- increased load of measuring and protective windings up to 30 VA;

- increased accuracy limit factor up to 30;

- increased short-time thermal current;

- different transformation ratio of windings for measurements and for protection;

- switching of transformation ratio on secondary windings.

For 100% of transformers, in addition to acceptance testing at the output control, interoperational control is carried out in the production process. As a result, the customer receives exactly what he needs.