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Load AR-1

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Load AR-1 (hereinafter referred to as Load) is designed to suppress ferroresonance oscillations that may occur in the network to which earth-lead voltage transformers are connected. The Load can be used with voltage transformers that have a 100/3 V rated neutral sequence secondary winding, which can be connected (or have already been connected in the manufacture of transformers), in an open triangle, as shown in the diagram in Figure 1.

The load is manufactured in climatic version U, placement category 2 for use in premises (spaces), as well as built into complete products of placement category 1 according to GOST 15150-69, and intended for operation in the following conditions:

height above sea level - no more than 1000 m;
relative humidity not exceeding 98% at 30 °С;
upper working temperature, ambient - plus 50 °С;
lower operating temperature, ambient temperature - minus 45 ° C;
environment - non-explosive, dust-free, chemically active gases and steam in concentrations that degrade metal coating and insulation (Type II atmosphere as per GOST 15150-69).

  • Nazwa parametru Wartość parametru
  • Częstotliwość znamionowa, Fn, [Hz] 50
  • Waga, [kg] 1,7
  • Rated operating voltage, Un, [V] 100
  • Rated power, [W] 400
  • Rated resistance, [Ω] 25±1,5
  • Overall dimensions, [mm] 235 × 222 × 108