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Commissioning of the new mixing and dosing machine

For some, high quality and customer satisfaction are just words for a standard ad copy, but not for us.

We understand that the client should receive a quality product that meets the stated requirements a priori. Therefore, the process of continuous improvement in our company did not stop even in such a difficult 2020, we do not spare money for this. To improve the process of pouring the epoxy compound, we purchased a specially designed machine that mixes the components, vacuum and dispenses the finished mixture. Commissioning took place in January 2021. This allowed us to reduce the subjective factor when performing these processes, to increase the productivity of employees and to improve the quality of finished products.

It is from the process of pouring the epoxy compound that such qualitative characteristics of the transformer as the dielectric strength of the insulation and the level of partial discharges (PD) of the insulation of the primary winding depend. If the PD level exceeds the norm of 50 pC at 1.2 Um or 20 pC at 1.2 Um: √3, this may indicate poor quality of the cast insulation, which can lead to high-voltage breakdown or destruction of the insulation during operation under the influence of high voltage.

In our transformers, the PD level is several times lower than the permissible value. The compliance of these characteristics with the standards of the DSTU EN 61869 series allows us to speak about the average service life of transformers - 30 years.

This is the kind of long-term and uninterrupted operation of the equipment that the end user expects. Put it into operation and do not replace equipment due to its failure. This is the kind of product we offer to our customers, and this is what they value in us.

BEONTOP – what customers want.